Welcome To Pocahontas Dental

We have a friendly staff and serve patients from ages 0 to 100!

Welcome To Pocahontas Dental

We have a friendly staff and serve patients from ages 0 to 100!.

Who We Are

We are a general dentistry clinic located in Pocahontas, IA

Our Services

We are a general dentistry clinic for the whole family. We provide a variety of services including:

Preventative Dentistry

Our Registered Dental Hygienist provides comfortable routine care to help prevent issues from occurring. Preventative care includes dental cleanings, exams and fluoride treatment

Dentures and Partials

Whether implant-supported, traditional, complete dentures, replacing several teeth, or simply replacing one tooth, our office is equipped to help you with your needs.

Periodontal Therapy

Getting your gums healthy is important. Our doctor and Registered Dental Hygienist work together to help you obtain a healthy smile. This includes non-surgical periodontal therapy (deep cleanings) and anti-microbial therapies.


Our office strives to make this as comfortable a process as possible.

Endodontics (Root Canals)

Our office uses current technology to minimize chair time and improve outcomes, making the whole experience more comfortable.

Implant Services

Whether replacing one tooth or several, our office has the knowledge to use dental implants to improve your smile and help you reach your dental goals.


Our office provides a full range of options to suit your individual needs. This includes white fillings, silver fillings, inlays, onlays, crowns and FDPs(bridges).

Cosmetic Dentistry

Whitening, clear aligner therapy, internal bleaching, and smile makeovers are all available here.

Emergency Dentistry

If you are in pain or swollen, our office will do its best to provide quick care to get you feeling better as soon as possible.

Our Location

We are located at the Pocahontas Community Hospital (clinic side) in Pocahontas, IA.